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5 Things Marketers Should Know About Trademarks In Order to Provide More Value to Clients

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April 20, 2021!

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"Erica is extremely knowledgeable about the trademark process. Every time I speak with her I learn something new about trademarks, which helps us improve our branding and advertising process. I wholeheartedly trust her with our trademark needs AND our clients."

Ashlee Campbell - CEO, Summit Creative Marketing, Tampa, FL

Here's What You'll Learn


Don't spend time and money branding a business that can't be protected. Learn when a comprehensive trademark search should be completed.

Naming Considerations

Get a better understanding of the trademark spectrum so you can learn how to suggest more unique names during the branding process.


Learn how to do a preliminary trademark search using, domain registrations, and social media platforms.


Learn about intellectual property and how to avoid copyright infringement when writing copy or using sourced images.


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