Make a Seat Podcast with Erica DiAngelo

It’s called Make a Seat, because in this world we aren’t all given a seat at the table we want to be at, and certainly not the seat we might want. That is why it is up to each of us to make a seat that fulfills our happiness framework as humans and as entrepreneurs (for some of us).

We’ll dive in to the obstacles faced by entrepreneurs and those seeking to fulfill their passions, discussing ways to shift our perspectives and strategies to overcome the hardships. It’s always a work in progress, but we’re here to share ways that worked for others and can work for you too. Of course, the conversation is sprinkled with legal nuggets and insights to help provide you with the most practical dialogue about business ownership.

Many episodes will feature a guest, often a fellow entrepreneur, and always someone who can bring tips and insights to the world of business.

 Sometimes, we will weave in some solo episodes to dive in on specific topics that benefit listeners.

We hope you enjoy it! 

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Podcast Guest Features

Keep the Faith and Opportunity Will Come

with Whitney Holtzman

Whitney Holtzman is a passionate go-getter, who is the founder and CEO of Social Victories, a social media and marketing consulting company for the leaders in the sports world. In this episode, we discuss Whitney’s journey of breaking the glass ceiling in the sports industry, her new book You Are the First You, and how her experience working at VaynerMedia under Gary Vaynerchuk shaped her into the entrepreneur she is today.

Grace, Grief, and the Choice to Move Through

with Emily Bingham

Emily Bingham is a fitness professional, mother of two, and widow as of March 2019, when her husband passed away from Uveal Melanoma (a rare cancer that affects approximately 2000 people annually). In December 2019, she founded moveTHRU helping adults who've experienced the loss of someone special in their lives cope with grief through exercise. In this episode, Erica and Emily discuss grief, both as the grieving person and dealing with grief of others in business.

Leveraging Community to Build a 7-figure Brand

with Sarah Benken

Sarah Benken is the Founder and CEO of The KNOW Women, a company dedicated to the advancement of high-achieving businesswomen by cultivating relationships and providing community support. In this episode, Erica and Sarah discuss decision making with a mission, scaling a 7-figure business, the importance of cultivating the right relationships, and so much more.

Leadership is a Sacrifice, Not a Glorification

with Cesar Hernandez

Cesar is the Founder of OmniPublic public affairs firm to discuss majorly valuable leadership & business strategies including; leadership principles as old as King Solomon, going from homelessness to successful executive, proven strategies to get in front of major players like Tesla, Bird, Hyperloop, going all in on your passion, and more!


“Solid content and Erica is a great interviewer! Erica does a great job curating quality topics and questions for her guests. She is super thoughtful in her interview approach which makes for content-rich episodes.”

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