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DiAngelo Law takes the uncertainty and intimidation out of protecting your small business. We understand how busy entrepreneurs and small business owners are so we make the process convenient and simple, without compromising the quality and thoroughness of our services. In fact, you don’t even have to spend hours out of your day to come into our office, because we are completely virtually equipped and secure.


When businesses work with us, they can feel confident that their businesses and brands will have the right legal protection and foundation for success and growth, whether that means through the use of registered trademarks, having solid contracts in place, or taking the appropriate measures to ensure compliance with data protection and other relevant regulations. We invite you to book a free 15-minute discovery call so we can explain how we’ll be able to guide you through the seemingly overwhelming legal processes of your business.

What makes DiAngelo Law different?

Business Law is Confusing

The legal aspects of running a business can be confusing, whether it’s being sure that your ideas are protected or ensuring that you’ve got the contracts you need; hiring us takes the uncertainty and intimidation out of the picture, since those issues are our area of expertise

More Time for Your Business

Hiring an attorney allows us to focus on the legalities while leaving you free to focus on your passion: building your business

This is Our Passion

We’re as enthusiastic about protecting your IP as you are about creating it

We are a Virtual Firm

The firm is totally virtual – we make it easy to do things remotely/on the go, which is key for busy entrepreneurs


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