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Equipping individuals and businesses with solutions for the advancement of innovation.

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Supporting Tampa Bay's Innovation  DNA.  

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Business Formation  

When starting a business there are countless decisions to make. One of the most important ones is which type of entity to select. Taxation, liability, and management structure are three major considerations, among others

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Trademarks & IP 

What is IP? Intellectual Property is the intangible assets of value such as ideas and concepts. While you can express some ideas and concepts on paper or other tangible form, the idea and concept itself will forever remain Intellectual Property.

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Litigation & Disputes 

Disputes can range from a breach of contract to trademark infringement or fraud. Disputes are very common in businesses, and can involve both internal and external conflicts. Internal conflict arises when there is a dispute between parties who are part of the company. External conflict involves at least one party outside of the company, such as vendors or contractors.

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General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

In the age of e-commerce there’s an ever evolving and expanding set of regulations, requirements and guidelines. One of the most sensitive and important regulations that applies to virtually all internet based companies is the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Our experienced team helps businesses navigate the regulations and implement sound and solid procedures, policies, and work flows to gain GDPR compliance. 

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Contract Law 

Contract Law involves the creation, formation, and review of agreements between two or more parties, as well as disputes arising from agreements between parties.Having solid contracts in place is imperative in business.

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Today’s Start Ups
Tomorrow’s Unicorns.

It is our desire to provide high quality client services and personalized legal representation for innovators and entrepreneurs.

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Dedicated to our entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Erica is an attorney and entrepreneur living in beautiful Tampa, Florida. As a native to the Tampa Bay area, she has watched the area flourish with new businesses and creative minds. Seeing this emergence of startups and entrepreneurs further ignited her passion for helping those who demand progress. In 2015, Erica founded DiAngelo Law, a firm dedicated to the advancement of innovation nationwide and the legal protection of individuals and businesses.

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