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Congrats! You're finally following your passion and making your dream of building a successful company a reality.

There are a lot of myths and misconceptions out there about what type of entity to create, which state to start it in, what tax designations to select, and what information is needed to start a business in Florida correctly.

Additionally, it's more than just getting that LLC or Inc. behind your company name that is going to set your business up for success. It also involves getting the right contracts in place, governing documents for your business, and ensuring your brand name and IP are protected.

An experienced business law firm in Tampa, like DiAngelo Law, can set your company up the right way, with a path for growth, focused on your goals.

If you are an entrepreneur or small business and need a business attorney in Tampa, FL contact DiAngelo Law. You can turn to us for help with...

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Forming a Business in Florida:

Forming an LLC or Corporation in Florida can be more complex and nuanced than you think, but business attorney Erica DiAngelo can simplify the process, starting with selecting the best entity type for your long-term goals.

Brand protection: 

Forming an LLC or Corporation with the Secretary of State does not give you any legal protection over the brand or name itself. However, we can protect your brand through Trademark Registration. Be sure to ask about the trademark application process.

Bylaws and Operating agreements:

Bylaws are mandatory for Corporations in Florida to have. Operating Agreements that govern your LLC or partnership are one of the best ways to lay a solid foundation for your business and the inevitable changes, pitfalls, growth, and triumphs that businesses have. We can draft the appropriate governing documents and agreements that will set up your business and partnerships up for success.

Whether you're just starting to seek investors or have been running a successful company for years and need a business attorney in Tampa, FL. You can feel confident turning to DiAngelo Law for all of your business's legal needs.

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It's hard to explore your legal options by yourself. We make business formation in Florida and brand protection services affordable for entrepreneurs in the Tampa, FL area, and beyond. Let's discuss your business goals in detail during your free consultation.

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