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On Tap: The Importance of Trademarks for Breweries

By Erica Diangelo | Mar 10, 2020

With St. Patrick’s Day right around the corner, many Americans are likely looking forward to having a few adult beverages. Some will indulge at their local pubs, or fill up…

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Protecting Your Entrepreneur Lifestyle

By Erica Diangelo | Feb 29, 2020

As an entrepreneur, your business is everything. Whether your business is in its fledgling stages or you are already at the next level and hiring your second, third, or fourth…

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Protect Against Trademark Infringement

By Erica Diangelo | Jan 31, 2020

Did you know the U.S. government recognizes the value of intellectual property? It can protect the ideas generated by entrepreneurs by offering various legal protections against infringement. One such protection…

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Breach of Contract, Trademark Infringement or Fraud

By Erica Diangelo | Jan 17, 2020

CONSULT WITH OUR TAMPA, FL LITIGATION ATTORNEY   Disputes are very common in businesses, and can involve both internal and external conflicts. Internal conflict arises when there is a dispute…

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White-Labeling without a Trademark

By Erica Diangelo | Nov 20, 2019

The answer is, you shouldn’t. The entire premise of “white-labeling,” also called, “private-labeling,” is getting the ability to establish and grow your own brand without the burdensome process of creating and manufacturing…

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Trademark Protection for Amazon Sellers

By Erica Diangelo | Nov 19, 2019

More and more business owners and entrepreneurs are finding success through selling products on Amazon. Conversely, more and more copycats and infringers are making money off of others’ success on…

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