How To Get Rid of a Google Review

someone clicking a one star review online

Removing Negative Google Reviews Removing a negative Google review is a much more complicated process than simply clicking a delete button. There are three approaches for removing negative Google reviews; each involves a different process in the way you respond to negative comments.  When you come across negative Google reviews, you will probably want to…

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Monitoring and Enforcing Your Trademark

registered trademark symbol on desk with gavel in the background

Have you registered your trademark? Is your brand protected? Trademarks are a delicate subject to tackle, especially when it comes to who owns the rights and how to take action when another entity infringes upon your trademark rights. Perhaps you have already come across another business entity or individual who has been utilizing a trademark…

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How Can I Protect My Food Recipe As Intellectual Property?

recipe book sitting on table

Everybody loves food, except maybe the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Restaurateurs and chefs have a notoriously hard time trying to patent their recipes, and most patent filings don’t result in securing successful legal protections.   Of course, the USPTO doesn’t actually hate food; rather, recipes simply don’t fall under the definition of a patent,…

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