Trademark Spectrum of Strength

sign that says how to name your business

Choose the Best Name for your Brand – The Trademark Spectrum of Strength Choosing a name for your business or brand is a huge decision. Of course, you will want to take branding, marketing, or SEO strategies into consideration, and begin by identifying your target audience. However, do not overlook the importance of choosing a…

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Business Communication During COVID-19 & Beyond

zoom meeting

As an attorney and entrepreneur with a passion for supporting other entrepreneurs and business owners, I know that now is a more critical time than ever to be bringing valuable information and resources to those that I support. That is why I invited Andrea Dennis (a.k.a. Mrs. Write) to write this guest blog, packed with…

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Protect Your Business In Remote Work Environments

person using phone and computer

Times are changing. There is no way for us, as entrepreneurial business owners, not to acknowledge the marketplace has changed. As entrepreneurs, most of us are not lacking in drive and are endeavoring to find new solutions that allow us to both stay safe during this pandemic and still drive business to our companies.  We…

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Never Christmas Tree a Test

christmas tree scantron

Never “Christmas-Tree” a test, or your business messaging. Being wishy washy is a very dangerous thing. You may have heard people raving about clarity of vision, and there’s more than one reason for that. It’s part of being aligned and gaining momentum in 1 particular direction. Think about it like this: if you answer all…

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The Chick-Fil-A effect

lady with her hands together

For those of us who still choose to enjoy a delicious Chick-Fil-A sandwich or nuggets from time to time, know that it seems like the craving always kicks on a Sunday! Why is this? Because as humans, we want what we can’t have. It’s just like right now, while we are all under stay at…

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