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Our passion is protecting your passion. We provide legal services to entrepreneurs, small businesses, and personal brands to take the intimidation and uncertainty out of the legal process needed to build and grow a brand. With so many different hats to wear and roles to juggle, entrepreneurs deserve the peace of mind in knowing that their brand and vision for their company is legally secure. That’s why we provide transparent, efficient and unintimidating legal services to hundreds of passionate entrepreneurs, like yourself, protecting brands, and equipping them with tools for growth - all from our virtual law firm and from the convenience of your own workspace.

You might have seen trademark attorney Erica DiAngelo Allen on the pages of Inc. Magazine or on your local news station, educating on legal issues that affect entrepreneurs in the Tampa, FL area and around the USA.

Trademark Law and Intellectual Property

A trademark is what consumers use to recognize a particular brand. A business's name is the most common type of trademark. Logos, slogans, and even scents associated with brands may also function as trademarks.

Copyrights, patents, and trade secrets are a few other types of Intellectual property that add massive value to a business and require legal protection for long-term growth and success of a business.

Our Trademark Attorney Law Firm in Tampa, Florida operates locally and around the globe.

Trademark intellectual property
Business Formation

Business Formation in Florida

Forming an LLC or Corporation can be more complex and nuanced than you might think. There are different legal obligations, risks, and tax implications associated with each type of entity. We can help you determine the best way to form your business based on your goals and get you set up with your corporate books, or necessary contracts to get your business off the ground.

Contract Law

Getting a contract into place can create a lot of peace of mind when you know it was done the right way. Conversely, confusing terms, unaccounted for circumstances, and missing legal requirements can be a recipe for a costly legal battle. Our attorneys can draft, review, and inform you about contracts of all types so you have the confidence needed to carry out your business endeavors.

contract law
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